About OPB Consulting


OPB Consulting

OPB Consulting is a professional development company which is based in the Midlands and operates throughout the UK.

We specialise in talent development for organisations and individuals using applied psychology. We identify high potential employees, develop leaders and managers, and help ambitious individuals with their career success and satisfaction.

OPB Stands for Organisational Psychology and Business.

Organisational Psychology

Organisational psychology is the science of people at work. It is the application of psychological principles, methods, and theory to enhance workplace performance and decision making. It is a broad discipline and is integral to our understanding of how organisations become more profitable, effective and healthy through their people.

Organisational psychologists are also known as business psychologists, consulting psychologists, industrial and organizational psychologists (in the US), work psychologists (in Europe) and occupational psychologists (in the UK).


OPB Consulting operates on the core values of science, commercial awareness and pragmatism. We look to create value using methods that are both innovative and evidenced based. Along with these values, we use a common-sense approach to find and solve human-capital related problems.

We employ a business model that pays equal attention to psychology (from both personal and interpersonal perspectives) and business outcomes (both operational and strategic). We use applied psychology that is appropriate for business and ensure that professional development is taken in the right direction.

Mission & Vision

Our purpose and mission is to make talented people even better at what they do. Our vision and strategic intent is to contribute to the success of global leadership using the highest level of organisational psychology expertise.

We work with both organisations (see here) and individuals (see here).