Professional development services to organisations

- Leadership and management development

- Identification and development of high potential employees

- Executive coaching

- Leadership transitions – moving from an operational to a strategic role

- Preventing management derailment

- Consulting & coaching for leaders who are accountable for building, recruiting and maintaining a high performing team

- Seminars and talks on a range of people/organisation issues


Professional development services to individuals

- Career management, career transitions  & career coaching

- Exploring your ambition and potential

- Developing strategic self awareness (gaining an external, impersonal and objective view of our strengths and weaknesses in relation to others)

- Preventing career derailment or being passed over for promotion

- Finding a sense of purpose or meaning from your work

- Evaluation of your judgement, decision making, coachability, ability to learn from mistakes, personal biases etc.

- Managing yourself  (from time management to emotional intelligence).

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