Professional Development for Individuals


For many individuals, professional development concerns the satisfaction with and success of their careers.

I work with talented and ambitious professionals on a wide range of career related issues and specialise in two areas of professional development:

1. The identification and development of high potentials.

2. The prevention of career, management or leadership derailment.

As an organisational psychologist I can help you with your career and professional goals; provide you with essential, impartial and objective information regarding your abilities and weaknesses as well as give you science-based guidance on a wide range of career related topics.

Such topics might be:

- Increasing self awareness (how you see yourself vs how others see you).

- Understanding your level of ambition or motivation and aligning this with your abilities.

- Finding a sense of purpose or meaning from your work or career.

- Avoiding being passed over for promotion.

- Increasing your effectiveness as a leader or manager.

- Making leadership transitions (i.e from operational to a strategic management).

- Evaluation and development of your judgement or decision making skills.

- Managing yourself (i.e your emotional wellbeing or developing strategies to increase emotional intelligence etc).

It is my goal to be able to offer affordable and comprehensive professional development at the highest level to professionals at all stages of their careers. If you would like to learn more about how an organisational psychologist can help your career or have an informal conversation to discuss your requirements further please contact meĀ here.