Professional Development for Organisations


Working with organisations, I specialise in two key areas of professional development:

1. The identification and development of high potentials.

2. The prevention of management derailment.

I also offer an additional three services to organisations:

3. General professional development (e.g executive coaching) to improve managerial and leadership performance.

4. Consultation on the inclusion of science into the recruitment and selection process.

5. The psychology of good judgement and decision making (including strategic management).

High potentials can be classified as managers or employees who have the potential to lead others successfully at a higher level (i.e senior management) than their current role. Contrary to popular belief it is very difficult to assess potential for future performance based on current job performance.

Management derailment refers to failure of managers and executives who for some reason haven’t been able to fulfil their full potential in the eyes of their organisation. There are several known reasons why managers fail and it is important to address the causes before it becomes too late.

For many organisations the most important asset and contribution to success is their people. Professional development from OPB Consulting combines the use of best practice, applied psychology and the world’s leading psychological assessments to help organisations get the very best from their people.

If you would like any more information on the professional development of your employees or would like to discuss anything in further detail, you can contact me here.